Bird & Flower 花鸟

According to Chinese tradition, bird-and-flower painting covers flowers, plants, birds, fish, insects, and pets. Typically, the painting is not merely a description of the subject, but rather shows character or ideal. Jennifer has created various styles of bird-and-flower paintings - often inspired by masters' graceful brushstrokes, poems, and nature.

plum blossom

Plum Blossom 1

plum blossom

Plum Blossom 2

plum blossom

Plum Blossom 3


Peony 1


Peony 2


Peony 3


Rose 1


Rose 2


Rose 3

Scent of Magnolia

Willow & Swallow

Snowy Hydrangea

Fish 1

Fish 2

Fish 3

Mountain & Water 山水

In Chinese Brush Painting, landscape painting literally means "mountain and water". Usually, the painting is not a precise depiction of a scenery, but an expression of an imaginary world. Often times, it describes an escape from the unpleasant real life or a dreamland.

Drizzling Spring in the South

Sunset Reflection

Mountain and Boat

Blue Mountain and Water 1 (A Happy Day)

Blue Mountain and Water 2 (A Hidden Retreat)

Contemporary 现代

Jennifer has used traditional Chinese brush, ink and color on rice paper to explore themes in visual expression that are interesting to her.

Butterfly Dream 1

Butterfly Dream 2

Butterfly Dream 3

Calligraphy 书法

Each Chinese characters is a pictograph, composed of parts that may represent physical objects or abstract notions. There is an old saying "calligraphy and painting are homologous". Jennifer's calligraphy shown here are of wild-cursive style.

Lasting Wind

Aquainted Garden

Hidden Truth


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