Jennifer Yuan 袁峥 is a Chinese brush painting and calligraphy artist. She was born and grew up in Shanghai China, and lived in Philadelphia suburb for over twenty years. She currently lives in Princeton, NJ.

Nature is her favorite theme. She has painted a variety of subjects including peony, rose, bamboo, plum blossom, chrysanthemum, lotus flower, fish, tree, mountain and water.

“There are feelings, emotions, ideals in nature. Traditionally, they are perceived to symbolize character traits, good fortune, or dreamland. I find that they are still quite relevant today.”

Jennifer uses traditional Chinese painting brushes, ink, and limited color palette to paint on delicate rice paper. Her paintings range from 8.5 in x 13 in (21 cm x 33 cm), 13 in x 17 in (33 cm x 43 cm), 20 in x 27 in (51 cm x 68 cm), 24 in x 36 in (61 cm x 92 cm), 27 in x 54 in (68 cm x 137 cm). Custom size and subject upon request.


Email: jenyuanart@gmail.com

Facebook: jenyuanart | Instagram: jenyuanart

Princeton, NJ